Wednesday, February 25, 2009

embroidery news!!

kittykill has posted the latest embroidery challenge on, go check it out!

you have a choice between two patterns, and you can alter them in any way you wish. voting will start march 26th and go to march 31st, and the winner will be announced april 1st. now i just have to decide which pattern to use!

and in other embroidery news, i got an e-mail from sublime stitching this morning. (are you on their mailing list? why not? go sign up!) they're releasing new patterns in mid march! i'm super excited!

in less exciting news, they're discontinuing a few patterns, and the price of all patterns is going up. sad, but true. their prices haven't changed in ages, so i suppose it was time! and the buy three, get the fourth half price deal will continue with the new prices as well. if you've always wanted the bowling betties, gothic grandeur, mod fashion or word balloons patterns, get them while you still can! and right now if you order you get a surprise! they're including two free pattern sheets with every order over $20!

i personally just bought 18 patterns. i know, i know! i called my sister up and we had the following conversation-

me: i just bought 18 embroidery patterns! once they arrive, i'll own EVERY SINGLE PATTERN THEY HAVE!
her: didn't you just tell me yesterday how broke you were?
me: yeah. that's why i used my visa!
her: big sigh.
me: but the price is going up! i saved money buying them now!
her: i bought cotton for $3.50/yard that was regular $6/yard yesterday, so i saved more.

i love how my sister is just as crafty as i am, just in different ways!

and yes, you did read that correctly. once these ones arrive, i'll have every single sublime stitching pattern! i'm such a geek! i made a word document a while ago with a list of every single one and i checked off all the ones i had, and as i bought more, i checked off more! the only sublime stitching patterns i don't have are the new ones that will be released in mid-march.

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