Tuesday, February 24, 2009

look what i got!!

i know i'm a blogging fool today, but i'm waiting for my pain meds to kick in so that i can lie down (i'm beginning to think they never will!)

i was going to post this when i received it, but i completely forgot! the craftster mods did an informal personal swap for tea towel a little while ago. i posted the one that i made for jamie, but i didn't post the AMAZING towel that emilyflew made me!

she packaged it all up beautifully, which i can never do, because i ship most things through from the US. i have to take everything through the border, so i don't seal envelopes until i'm across, and i can't wrap things, because customs might want to see it. i love the glassine paper and velvet ribbon that she used!

from emily

as soon as i pulled it from the envelope, i was excited! i could see the tell tale keys!

she embroidered me a TYPEWRITER! on turquoise!

i was amazed that she remembered that i have a turquoise typewriter!

and to make it even MORE amazing, she put rays around it, like the lady of guadalupe!

and she signed it in the corner, which i never remember to do -

isn't that awesome? it was the best package ever! emily did an amazing job!

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