Friday, January 9, 2009

i need to stop shopping..... but then i'd miss amazing things!

i found the COOLEST fabric today! it was super expensive, but i couldn't resist it.

it's kind of like oilcloth, but a bit sturdier and fancier i think. it's european, (hence the priciness!) and it's cotton fabric that's coated, practically saturated, with plastic/vinyl coating.


i LOOOOOVE leopard print, but i'm really not into browns, and coloured leopard print is hard to find!

i have to find the perfect project for it, for now i'm just going to stroke it lovingly....

i only went in there to buy solid coloured kona for embroidery. i'm bored of embroidering on white, and nowhere around me has decent quality solids, so i wanted to stock up while i was in richmond going to ikea. the only other thing i bought was a metre of an alexander henry skull/lighting bolt print (fun purse lining!), so i didn't go TOOO overboard, it just seemed that way once they'd rung it up!

i know lots of people spend $20 a metre on fabric, but i'm cheap, and love bargains, so it seemed like a lot! i can only remember one other time in my life that i bought fabric that expensive, it was neon pink and black zebra print spandex. i saw it, fell in love with it, went home, obsessed over it it for weeks, then finally went back and bought a metre and made myself tights. i friggin love those tights. and i'm going to love whatever i make out of this fabric too!


Brook said...

that sounds divine!!!

amy dame said...

it is! it would make an amazing tacky raincoat, but i think that would be out of my price range!

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