Thursday, January 22, 2009

things i love, craftster best of 2008, and a bit of an update!

i've been very neglectful of this blog lately, and of blogs that i follow! healthwise i haven't been doing too well, i seem to just get progressively worse, no matter what we try. i've decided that "horrid" is a particularly apt word!

but there are still plenty of things to love out there! i missed last week, so here's a love list for both -

* rows of small buttons. i love how it looks! i noticed a trend in all of the clothes i've bought lately - my new winter coat has a row of buttons on each cuff, the AMAZING black leather gloves i got on sale have tiny little leather covered ball buttons along the wrists, the fingerless gloves i bought have rows of buttons, and the new stripey knee highs i bought have rows of buttons too!
* stazOn ink. when you see my valentines, you'll understand!
* no more snow! i love the snow, but damn, being stuck at home was starting to get old!
* codeine. opiates are my new best friend! see above for my new love of the word "horrid", these two loves are related!
* polka dots. just in general. i love polka dots. i bought fabric for pencil skirt with big chunky polka dots.
* coloured animal prints. same as polka dots (but the fabric was animal print!)
* the cheesiness of valentine's day!
* acrylic and plexiglass. i've been obsessed with this for SO LONG! i took an acrylics class in jr high, and then moved after the first year. i'm glad we moved here, but i've always regretted that i didn't get to take more acrylics classes! truthfully, i'm not sure i would have, as the teacher was a complete jerk (typical old school shop teacher who didn't think girls should take shop). today i bought a book that i've been eying for ages, Plexi Class. it's super inspiring!
* the jewelery that this etsy artisan makes, it's incredible. i bought a few pieces from her and i adore them. she's local too, which is always exciting!
* january sales. both my joy and my curse!

i've been trying to force myself to keep up with things, but i can only manage so many at a time! i'm trying to get caught up on stuff on craftster (check out the new changes! i love it! amnd batgirl/lori's writing awesome blog posts now!), so most of my online time has been spent there. i've been trying to get myself back into swapping and papercrafts, so i'm running a few swaps right now, the alphabet atc STU swap (i keep trying to write STFU!), and the love/hate atc swap in time for valentines day. the love/hate swap is still open, signups end at midnight PST tomorrow (friday)!

craftster also did a best of 2008 list that's really awesome, and you should definitely check it out! one of my projects was in it, the machine embroidered buttons i made for the brother campaign! they're not quite as exciting as my project that was in the best of 2007, so i guess i'm lucky that the machine embroidery board is small!

here are a few other MUCH MORE AMAZING favourites of mine from the list!
embroidered jelly fish bubble skirt - oh my freakin god!
bleached skeleton onesie - why didn't i ever think of this! it's awesome! it would have been perfect for torrin when he was littler!
ballet flats - one day i'll get around to trying these!
Re-imagining Alice in Wonderland - these costumes are AMAZING! absolutely incredible.
felted stone rug - i want one of these so bad!
anatomical heart batik - i'm so fascinated by batik, and i LOOVE anatomical hearts!
veins, hearts and ovaries silk screened fabric - ohmygod incredible! i love this, i want a skirt made out of it so bad.
cast iron squid sculpture - i hadn't seen this before the list, but it's incredible!
woodburned skull, raven and tulip - this is incredible. just when you think that woodburning is totally kitschy, you see this.
lady adventurer steampunk atcs - one day i WILL try beeswax! these are super inspirational!
a book of hope - this is a fabulous fundraiser that alteredmommy put together, with pages from so many amazing craftsters.
freemotion embroidery of a spanking - this is gorgeous! i love freemotion embroidery like this.

see? super inspirational!

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