Thursday, January 8, 2009

things i love thursday!

11:56pm, i barely made it!

i haven't been blogging as much the last few days because i felt pretty yucky, and i've been trying to get caught up on stuff at however,i HAVE been crafting! i've been working on my current embroidery project, creating the pattern for another, planning valentines, and searching for tea towels for the embroidered tea towel swap.

i've managed to do something crafty every day, and that makes happy!

so! things i love thursday!

- daily crafting, obviously!

- boxing day sales at the scrapbooking stores! i don't think y'all in the US have these massive boxing day sales, you guys have yours after your thanksgiving, but in canada, they're huge. i never go anywhere on boxing day, because the crowds just aren't worth it to me, but most stores have extended their sales this year (because of the snow, most likely!) and today i finally got to go check them out. i managed to score some awesome technique tuesday stamps, which normally i can NEVER afford ($60 for one of the sets i like!), as well as a neat tag shaped punch, TWO melting pots for less than $10 each (one's for angie!), a whole bunch of rub ons, some non-cheesy xmas stamps, and so many more goodies!

- getting my car out of the snow! we've had incredible amounts of snow here, and it's been stuck for DAYS. it was completely buried for the first few weeks, then we unburied it, then it snowed AGAIN, then we unburied it, then i got it stuck in our driveway, then the snow started to melt so i'd be able to get it out, then the city plowed our street for the first time in weeks and blocked it in again! i've been basically housebound for weeks, only going out when i was able to borrow my mom's jeep in the evening, and i was starting to get a little cabin fever.

- my kitties! i know i say this every week, but it's TRUE every week! i had one day last week where i was miserable, absolutely miserable, a combination of med side affects and my regular health stuff. i felt so weak i couldn't even lift my hand to pet sofie sitting beside me. my babies were awesome, sofie curled up on my pillow for a bit, then right beside me, and louie curled up against my legs. such sweethearts.

- books! i'm so addicted to books and magazines, i just can't resist buying more and more, even as my shelves overflow higher and higher. any recommendations for good craft books? they're my biggest weakness!


julie said...

Tag-shaped punches are THE best thing. Ever.

amy dame said...

i'm so excited to play with mine! i'm kind of regretting not buying a few other shapes that they had, they were about 60% off.

i really want to start adding pieces to my art that stick out, like tags, so i'm really looking forward to playing with it!

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