Thursday, November 6, 2008

wahoo, i remembered!!

things i love thursday!

just a quickie, because i'm leaving on a trip in about 5 hours, and i'm so not ready (but i still can't resist watching ER!)

- my new black hoodie. i made it to test the sleeve alteration on the pink fleece hoodie (i added WAY more gathering to the pink version, good thing i tested it!). it's so cozy and warm, i love it.

- clearance halloween fabric! i got such a great score at joanns on friday night!

- owls! i tried to resist the trendiness, but they're SO DAMN CUTE!

- snow! i love snow. i hope it snows while i'm in manitoba!

and that's it! i'll be back in a week and a half!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

have fun on your trip! man, snow? i haven't seen snow in over a decade & even then, it was alabama snow so it didn't really stick that much :( i hope to see some soon dammit!

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