Thursday, November 13, 2008

i made it!!!

so i started this with about 15 minutes left of thursday, here in prairie time, but then the damn laptop died. so it WAS on time, and we'll just pretend that it still is! this is the first time i've been online since i left, and it was a bit of an adventure. i'd like to point out once again that i HATE dial up, and that this laptop HATES me!

so! things i love thursday!!

*prairie thrift stores!! mmmmmmm.... so cheap, so many great finds!

*vintage buttons. see above!

*snow! i wasn't too impressed with the icey roads last weekend - my lack of winter tires meant that my plans were foiled, but oh well. i love the snow anyway. it's snowing outside right now, and it's gorgeous. pretty little flakes that glisten in the yard light, and actually look like snowflakes when they land on your coat. so pretty.

*dry cold! west coast people don't get this at all, only prairie transplants do. but the cold here is VERY different! i've been whining back in BC about freezing in 10 degree weather (i don't know what that is in fahrenheit, look it up, i'm on goddamn dial-up dude!), but today i was running around in a hoodie in 1 degree, and it was fabulous.

*embroidery. i've been embroidering like mad while i've been here! most of it's for presents, but you'll see it eventually.

*birds! i saw a magpie! and a bluejay! i haven't seen either of those in YEARS and YEARS.

*my family. as much as they're all batshit crazy, and regardless of how many times i've been THIS close to strangling both grandmas in the past week, i love them anyway!

*mmm, venison. and the farmer sausage that the hutterites make.... (um, my spellcheck says that hutterite should be "shutterbug". right....) i know the venison one is controversial, and trust me, i HATE sport hunting (one of my grandpa's friends shoots things for the status - bear rugs, etc, and we all refer to him as "the guy who kills things", he's gross), but i'm more okay with hunting when it's going to be used for food. we use pretty much everything, since my uncle has a butcher shop set up in his garage, and that makes me feel better. and i love venison, it's a much drier, lower fat (not that i care about that) meat than most. and i've been eating poultry practically everyday here, so i'm looking forward to variety! (i had wild turkey yesterday - can't say it tasted much different than store bought!) tomorrow morning i'm going to fry farmer's sausage, and i can't wait! i wonder if we have room in our cooler to bring some home with us????

that's it for now! i'm kinda braindead, being here is pretty damn exhausting, but it's good to be here. but it'll be nice to be home monday too! (i miss my baby and my mom!)

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Service Dog Education said...

Hey babe, just wanted to let you know I found your blog a while ago (the entry with the great halloween wreaths from 2007, I think) and now that I have a blog of my very own I tracked you down again so I could add you! I'm not a stalker, I promise! I just appreciate a good craft! :)

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