Saturday, November 1, 2008

update post 5! i'm caught up! kinda....

so! that was all the big stuff from the past few weeks!

i've been working on lots of cross stitch pieces, so i'll have to post them soon as well. they're pretty much all i've had the energy for, just something to keep me from going crazy when i don't have the energy to do anything else! i've watched way too many home decorating shows lately, and way too many episodes of CSI. cross stitch is so very addictive, i can't seem to stop now.

last night my sister and i went down to washington state to check out halloween clearance sales. i wasn't really up to it, but she wanted to go, and i couldn't resist the thought of halloween stuff, so we went. we ran into joanns at 8:45, and manages to scoop up a whole bunch of cotton prints at 60% off. very good score! unfortunately, i'm definitely feeling it today...

in other news, i did sew myself a hoodie last week, actually to test the pattern for my halloween hoodie, and i've been wearing it constantly ever since, it's so cozy and warm. nice thick black sweatshirt fleece, mmm! it was the first item of clothing i'd sewn myself in over a year, sadly enough!

i'm really behind on my IYP package for gingerquilts, unfortunately. i planned out my month pretty well, first finishing the halloween atcs, the altoid tin and the whimsie swap, then my halloween costume, and then i intended to make everything for the package, but instead i've spent pretty much the whole last week sleeping. blegh. i need to learn to plan sick days into my schedule!

as well, jean from craftster had a baby! Camden Blake was born on october 28th, so i need to get cracking on crafting for him too! we're all very excited, as this is the second mod baby, and there are two more on their way, and possibly more after them! honestly, people have to stop breeding or i'm never going to get any other crafting done!

so that's my update! i also realized the other day that i'd never gotten around to posting the pewter casting i did last summer, so i still want to do that as well! i'm going away next week, but i'm hoping to be all updated before i go!


Angie said...

you done been tagged!!! see my blog for deets!

Jonette said...

Smashing! Glad to see you've been so productive these past few days. I so envy you. You still have enough energy to make all these lovely things and find lovely finds, apart from your busy day-to-day life. Good for you!

amy dame said...

angie, remind me when i get back, okay? i'm too frazzled tonight!

jonette, thanks! it's been a while since i updated, so there was a backlog!

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