Saturday, June 14, 2008

inspiration dotee dolls

a week or two ago i signed up for the dotee doll swap on craftster. dotee dolls are a style of art dolls created by dot. she posted a tutorial for them, and it seems to have exploded from there!

i just spent a very very long time tonight (my butt's numb!) sitting here looking through the dotee doll pool on flickr. to be perfectly honest, a LOT of the dolls aren't my style. at all. but there are some AMAZING dolls as well!

like these art themed girls with photo faces
this graphic black and white doll
this elvis dotee doll (hee hee!)
these awesome voodoo dotees
this beautiful icicle shaped dotee with a photo face
and all these AMAZING dolls made by hoola tallulah. i really really love the faces she does, especially the ones with black hair and beestung lips! (i'm predictable, i know!)

i think my big thing about the dotees is that i love any that are non-traditional, and beautiful faces make me so very very happy. i know i need to get started on my own dolls, but i'm still feeling rather overwhelmed even thinking about trying to find fabric in my studio....

but i know i need to. i still have a few weeks before they're due, but i'm trying to be less late with stuff, and besides, my sister sent over season 3 of weeds tonight, and decorating dotees will be the perfect project for watching it!


gingerquilts said...

I've spent more time looking at dotees than making them, too. I'm waiting for supreme inspiration!
Thanks for your comment on my blog about the sacred heart quilt. Stifflersmom and I were IYP partners once. We'll have to swap sometime!

amy dame said...

i've got some ideas, i just can't make up my mind! i'm thinking of doing the same face on all of them... i'm going to experiment with some lino carving. if it doesn't work, i've still got time!

it was a deserved comment! i saw pictures of it hanging in her studio, and i was supremely jealous! we should definitely swap, i always need more art pieces for my bathroom!

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