Friday, February 8, 2008

More documentary themed tip in page pictures!

the fabulous phizzychick (who, by the way, was very nerve wracking to create a page for, cause she's just way too talented for her own good), said i could post the photos she took of the tip in page i sent her.

see how the light shines through? these pictures are fantastic! (i'm also pretty jealous of the sunlight, to tell you the truth. i'm tired of rain!)


i really want to play around with more pages like this, with the see through bits. i have lots more film strips, as well as a ton of slides, and some old negatives (though i'm not sure i wantto give those up...) it's so fun, and adds an interesting dynamic to the page. my other goal is to start adding movement to my pages, whether through pop-ups or pull tabs or pockets or whatever. i'm so in love with this swap, it just pushes me more and more.

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