Tuesday, October 2, 2007

i gave my massage therapist the orange wreath today, and before i left the house, i gluegunned some orange ribbon to the back to hang it from. i got to his office, pulled it out of the bag, and the ribbon came unglued. apparently the glue gun isn't good enough for a hanging ribbon!

luckily, he had a nail in his door that he could just set the wreath on, and it didn't really need a hanging ribbon anyway. i think he liked it, he was pretty surprised that i'd made it for him.

i made another wreath yesterday, i should post it too.

today i experimented with dyeing vinyl toys (ho-hum, which was disapointing) and with bleach stenciling (which was SOOO cool!!!).

i also bought some more embroidery floss, and discovered i'd lost one of the flosses for the piece i'm in the middle of. and of course i only had one skien of it, so i can't even match it by the number now. damn!

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