Monday, October 8, 2007

i love cupcakes!

i'm not a very good cook. i have a short attention span, don't pay attention to details, and get flustered easily when i have multiple pans going at once.

that being said, i'm apparently very good at making cupcakes. everyone raves about how fabulous my (cake mix and purchased icing) cupcakes are, and i still can't figure out what it is i do that makes mine taste so much better than the ones other people make (how DO you screw up a cake mix? i've never understood). i'm pretty specific about my supplies - i use brand name cake mixes, and a specific store brand of icing that's not nearly as sweet as most, and my cupcakes always turn out super moist and yummy.

lately i've discovered a few fun cupcake/cake blogs, and while they're WAAAY fancier than anything i make, they're so much fun to read! the cake journal has some neat tutorials, including this one for a simple and easy cupcake stand that i MUST try making. and cupcakes takes the cake seems to find the most amazing cupcakes to show off, it's total eye candy!

i made cupcakes friday night, and iced them saturday, and then felt too crummy to go to the potluck on saturday night that i'd baked them for, and now i have LOTS of cupcakes! i took some to friends tonight, and they were very appreciative!

i should take some better pics tomorrow, cause the ones i took before i left weren't very good - only this one turned out -

mini halloween cupcakes! i bought the sprinkles at ross when i was in portland, and they've little gravestones, ghosts, pumpkins and bats. so fun.

i made these cupcakes early in the summer for a potluck that i DID feel up to attending

and i obsessed quite a lot about how orange my red sprinkles turned out... i was rather disappointed!

that's pretty much my standard cupcake - candy in the middle and fun sprinkles around them. i did do a super intricate batch once for a friend who got married, her wedding colours were blue and silver, so i made cupcakes to bring to work with blue sprinkles and silver hearts on top - and i made the chocolate hearts in a mold, then silver leafed them! super time consuming!

i really love cupcakes, whether they're real or vinyl.


Rachel said...

These are beautiful! This is Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake - couldn't find an email address for you. Can I repost the cherry one (and link to you) from Cupcakes Take the Cake? Thanks, Rachel

cupcakestakethecake at

Anonymous said...

freeze them and pack them in dry ice and send them to mmmmeeee!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, those cupcakes look so yummy!

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