Saturday, September 29, 2007


i always thought seamrippers was pretty cool. i'm impressed with the stuff they put together, even if my craft fair experiences with them have never been particularily... well, let's just say there are often some organization issues with collective type groups. and i think they've gotten much better anyway, so that's probably irrelevant now.

i always wanted to go to events and workshops, but their parties were completely overwhelming and innaccessible (and, um kinda gross - sweaty walls! though that was a good party), and the workshops were either never anything i was excited enough about to take a workshop on, or something i already knew how to do (which sounds conceited, i guess).

i was always kinda intimidated by the coolness factor, and i think, unfortunately, that i let other people's negative opinions about seamrippers affect the way i thought. which is sucky of me, really. luckily, those particular negative people are no longer part of my life (yay!).

so. seamrippers has decided to do craft socials instead of workshops this fall, and i really want to try to go to at least one or two. they're themed, but you can bring your own stuff to work on, and they're at one of my favourite places, rhizome.

Rhizome Cafe -317 East Broadway, Vancouver
Every-other Tuesday at 7:00pm.
Instruction and supplies will be provided by donation.

the schedule:
Tues Oct 2nd- Embroidery
Tues Oct16th - Knitting
Tues Oct 30th - hand sewing animal hoods and tails
Tues Nov 13th - CRAFT SUPPLY SWAP!
Tues Nov 27th - doll making
Tues Dec 11th - seasonal pop up cards

one of my biggest problems with "craft nights" is the prep time involved - i never have my shit together enough to have a hand project ready to go. however, now that i've started embroidering again, i DO have SEVERAL projects waiting to go! so no problem!

well, except for the energy required to drive into vancouver. at least they're evening, and late enough that i can avoid rushhour. so hopefully i'll be able to go.

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