Saturday, September 29, 2007

eyeball wreath

i finished this tonight.

i have three more i'm half done, but they're all different than this one.

i bought the wreath at micheals about a year and a half ago and never got around to spraypainting it, and i finally did a few days ago.

then i took all the eyeballs and drilled two holes in each one (they're like pingpong balls with the eyes painted on) and threaded them all onto embroidery floss with a few black pony beads between them. i wrapped the eyeball garland around, took a purple and a black mardi gras necklace and cut them open and wrapped them too. then i laid out all the gummy bats and spiders, which i'd drilled holes in earlier (i love my drill press!). i took a super long piece of black embroidery floss and sewed it all together to keep everything in place, and then i added all the bright colourful rings - i just threaded them onto pieces of the wreath to keep them in place.

i am SOOO GLAD to finally finish something! i have all these projects i'm half done or close to being done, and FINALLY, something is finished. i'm satisfied.


sweetness said...

I love this one! It's so funky & colorful!

Tonya Ricucci said...

This is wonderful - I love the eyeballs. I wish I had a Michael's nearby to go and pick some fun ingredients up.

~Jamie said...

Where oh WHERE did you get those eyeballs... I am so gonna copycat!

amy dame said...

you really don't need a michaels - the only thing i bought there was the wreath itself, and you can get them at other stores, or you could make the wreath form the way i did for the other wreaths, just wrapping garland around a simple wood frame. everything else was from the dollar store! (including the eyeballs!)

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