Wednesday, September 12, 2007

October/06 - vinyl pencil cases

kinda side view
the top one is actually purple with pale purple stitching and zipper, i just couldn't get it to photograph as such. i was so excited when i found purple vinyl!

top view
i really really like them. the contrast stitching is the same colour as the zipper. (the neon pink and black one's for me, cause i kinda screwed it up a bit. plus, it's neon pink and black!) i need to go buy more 12" zippers though. they're not that big, but they're much easier to assemble if the zipper's a bit long!

they took me longer than i thought they would, so they ended up being more expensive than planned. $12.50 i think. would anyone pay $12.50 for a pencil case, really? hm. i still like them though.

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