Wednesday, September 12, 2007

November/05 - crocheted critters and cupcake

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the owl. he's my favourite, so i'm posting two pics.

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the octopus. i made the pattern up as i went along, and i'm not entirely happy with him. he seems too cartoony, and not quirky enough.

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mouse. he needs whiskers. mom likes him best "because he looks the most like what he is". eh, it was just for fun. i'm not particularily enamoured with him.

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cupcake! hurraay! i used a pattern, but i fucked with it as i went along. i'm kinda happy with it, but i think the pattern needs more tweaking. next time i'll make the cupcake paper thinner (it looks too fat) and i think i'll use beads for the sprinkles.


Kiki said...

I'm crocheting a mouse, made up pattern, pretty simple but I am kind of pondering the ears.
I want to make sure they'll be secure for kitty play. Did you just sew yours on?

amy dame said...

hi kiki! i'm sorry, i missed replying to your comment earlier!

i made these a few years ago, but from what i remember, i just left fairly long ends after crocheting the ears, and used them to sew them on.

i still have this mouse, and it's still got it's ears! it doesn't have catnip in it though, so it hasn't been played with too vigorously!

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