Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Feb/07 - gnome ATC

lately i've been making ATCs (artist trading cards). they're fun, cause they're little (2.5"x3.5") so i can make them fairly quickly, but they still satisfy my urge to make something when i don't have time for a big project. and they give me an excuse to use some of the paper stuff i've been collecting (okay, and possibly buy some more....)

i made some really beautiful ones last week, but today i went for more kitschy fun!

am i going to die?

isn't he cute? i LOVE gnomes, and mom and i particularily love the travelocity gnome, he's freaking hilarious! plus, i like his coat, he looks very dapper (can gnomes look dapper?). i LOVE the commercial where he tries to prove the "myth" about american appliances in europe wrong. "am i going to die?". (watch it here)

i got these brads in a mixed set of red patterns from loomis on sunday after driving james into the city hung over as hell (i hate kitsilano even more when i'm hung over!), and thought the polka dots looked like these little fake mushrooms my grandma used to stick in her plants. then i remembered the plastic sushi grass from daiso. i only glued the bottoms of the grass and the gnome, so it's a little bit 3d.

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A'Dell said...

Have you seen his new commercial yet? I love it!

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