Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Feb/05 - Virgin Mary mobile

i photocopied pictures i had, and shrunk them a bit. then i sewed them onto pieces of funfoam and sewed the funfoam into a kinda triangular circle.

the main supports are the white plastic rosaries, which i hand sewed along each edge. they're tied together at the top with ribbon, and the green sacred heart/virgin mary thing hanging in the middle is tied onto the rosaries further down on the inside. i added beads to the green sacred heart/virgin mary thing, cause it needed more weight. and then i hung the silver crosses from strands of beads, and sewed a few beads above and below each mary picture.

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Jennifer said...

that mobile is so cool! Now, I have a question...I know you are the Mary bathroom chick, I traced you here from Flickr...but I can't seem to find the most recent pics of your bathroom. The one's on this blog show actual bathroom supplies on your shelves, and I know I have seen a photo where the shelves (w/ the purple pom poms) just have statues and other Mary things on them. Can you point me towards where these photos are posted? Thanks!

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