Wednesday, September 12, 2007

February/05 - pink doily purse

the black is really cool, an fairly heavy velvet. it's super fuzzy, and i totally remembered to make sure that nap was the same on all the pieces, which made me very happy.
i dyed the doily pink, and machine sewed and hand sewed it onto the front flap. i grabbed the cold dye by accident at dressew, so it didn't dye completely evenly.
so i picked a pink lining that was kinda mottled, to match the doily.
i wrapped the doily over the top of the flap as well.
and i made a neat little cell pocket. it's pleated at the bottom, so that it's wider than the side. and it's elastic at the top, so that it holds the cell phone in snugly. i was gonna do a zippered pocket in the lining, but it wasn't working, so i decided to veto it.(the lining actually looks better now, i went in and hand tacked the top seam to the body of the purse, so that it lies flatter)

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