Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fall/05 - Burlesque costumes

pics from the first stillettos and strap-ons burlesque show.
i stole some pics off the stilettos and strap-ons friendster account too, because i forgot to take many beforehand.

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the sheriff pasties for mazzy and amanda

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the horseshoe pasties for shawna

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holster for kate. made two of these. there was a whipped cream holster too, for karen, but i didn't get a pic.

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ruffled denim skirts for kate, shawna and karen with velcro down one side for easy removal.

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i wanted this to look like deerskin, in that cheesy 50s pocahontas kinda way, and i think it worked pretty well for $2/metre fabric! you can kinda see kate's holster too.

i didn't get a pic of kate's awesome formal gown (so sparkly!).

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