Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday

i have very little to report for WIP Wednesday.

i haven't gotten much accomplished the last few weeks, fatigue has been seriously kicking my ass. if i'm not sleeping, i'm wishing i was sleeping! i'm trying to keep myself on a regular sleep schedule, which means that i'm often awake when my body/mind want to sleep, and i'm pretty useless in that state. i've been doing a lot of mindless pinning.....

i do have lots of WIPs at the moment, as usual. in fact, i have so many WIPs that i'm kind of scared to list them!

my big WIP at the moment is that i decided to join in on Katy of Monkey Do's Spinning Stars
(pdf) quilt-a-long. i know, i know, don't i already have enough projects on my plate? but it's so pretty!

there are some amazing fabric combinations in the flickr group, and Katy's quilt is going to be oh-so-fabulous in Field Study (with leopard print rings!), but i decided that the web like centre of the blocks obviously made this the perfect halloween quilt... right? i'm so excited!

i hauled out my halloween fabric stash, and so far i've cut all of the A and B pieces for 9 blocks. (sadly, it barely made a dent in my stash...) i'm hemming and hawing on the C pieces, because i'm using the same fabric for all of them, so it seems silly to cut 8 pieces for each star. doesn't it? it just seems like a lot of unnecessary seams! i'm trying to decide what i'm going to do instead.

i've only sewn together one block, so i need to get going on the rest of them. however, i HAVE been sewing with the scraps leftover after i did all of that cutting!

remember last year's halloween blocks? or what about the year before? yes, once again, we're doing a halloween block lotto at VMQG. yay! can you believe that this will be our 3rd year doing this? (our guild is growing up!)

today i sewed my scraps together and made blocks for this year's block lotto. the last two years i've had mine done really early to use as examples/demos at our September guild meeting, but this year i couldn't get it together in time for the meeting (blegh, fatigue). however, Felicity had an awesome example, a mini quilt top she made using the blocks she won last year!

this year's guidelines are the same as last year - make halloween themed blocks that are multiples of six inches finished. so that could be 6.5"x6.5", 12.5"x12.5", 6.5"x18.5", etc. two of my blocks are 12.5"x12.5" and four are 6.5"x6.5", but i think i'm going to keep one of them for myself, so that'll be 5 blocks for the lotto.

halloween block2
(those aren't two nearly identical fabrics, one of them is purple)

halloween block1

halloween blocks
(again, the bottom two are actually using purple fabric)

i've also been obsessed with pincushions, and have about 10 in varying stages of completion. i'm making halloween pincushions just for the hell of it, as well as sewing themed ones for a craft fair that VMQG is participating in later this year. i work on them assembly line, which works well, but means that i don't feel very accomplished until they're all finished, and then i feel REALLY accomplished!

i did finish one of the halloween pincushions, because i wanted to test the pattern. i can't decide if i like it, i might change the dimensions a bit for the rest of them. it was unexpectedly really hard to sew the circle perfectly, not sure what that was about.

halloween pincushion
(halloween pompom trim!!! that's purple too, by the way)

halloween pincushion side

in addition to that, VMQG is participating in a pincushion swap that the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild is coordinating, so i spent one fatigue-addled day searching around the internet for pincushion tutorials and pinning them. if you're looking for a pincushion tutorial - here you go! there are 271 pins in that board, and the majority of them are linked to tutorials. i think i can safely say that i've seen all of the pincushions on all of the internet!

pincushion board

what about you? are you getting anything accomplished this month? do you have a favourite pincushion pattern or tutorial?

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felicity said...

I don't know what you're talking about not being productive! Wow! I need to get that halloween mini quilted up. Talk about too many projects on the go, that's me for sure.

Poppyprint said...

Love your Hallowe'en blocks!! Hope I get around to making some, but sewing time is scarce at the mo with parents visiting. Sorry to hear about the fatigue. I hope with the regular sleep schedule you'll find some relief soon Amy!

Regina said...

You seem to be putting your fatigue to good use.......your blocks are lovely. I've sewn some of those, found them unexpectedly fiddly.....

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