Thursday, June 14, 2012

i love you guys. no, really.

i know everyone hates it when bloggers start out post saying "i'm sorry, i haven't blogged", but i'm kind of going to do it anyway. really, i just posted the other day, so it hasn't been that long, and i don't need to apologize, but all week i've been WANTING to blog, so it's bugging me. i enjoy blogging, and now that i'm trying really hard to respond to your comments in a decent time frame (that's a whole other blog post!), i'm really enjoying interacting with folks as well. i keep thinking of things that i want to tell you all about!

unfortunately, it's that crunch time of the month for me, with one guild meeting tonight, and another really special meeting next week that i'm prepping for, and i find myself so overwhelmed that i can't find the time. that random post about cupcakes earlier this week? that was supposed to be one of three posts about baking, culminating with an amazing recipe... i know i'll post the other two soon, but i had actually intended for them to go up three days in a row. i should have known better, right?

it's just that i get SOOOO EXCITED about fabric and sewing and quilting, and blogging lets me share it with people who are excited too, because as much as my loved ones smile and nod, and respect and appreciate my creative endeavours (which is amazing, i've had times when people in my life didn't, and trust me, this is much preferred!), i know that they aren't really invested in my theories about why modern quilt guilds are so awesome or the amazing deal i got on a charm pack that doesn't even seem to be out yet, or the awesome faux cathedral technique that i used the other day. i love them for trying, but really, it's you guys who GET IT, you know?

i was trying to explain modern quilting to someone the other night, and how amazing VMQG and subsequently, FVMQG have been for me, how they came into my life at the perfect time, and i've met the most incredible people through it. he was trying to understand, and i think he did, to a certain extent, but i'm sure there was also a bit of "wtf is amy talking about?", because i was being very enthusiastic, no doubt assisted by the tiger lily martinis i was drinking (i don't usually drink... and if you think i'm enthusiastic sober, um, honey...)

and then i went to the fabric store today, and was just going to run in for zippers (because i still haven't gotten around to moving stuff to get to the zippers i already have) and a bit of lining fabric, but of course, i got distracted and the cute little queer** at the fabric store harassed me about my need to make myself a new bag (i KNOW! it's ridiculous!) and tried to convince me that i should use the yummy patty young fabric that i finished the bolt of to make myself a dress. me, a dress? maybe!

what this all boils down to, is that these interactions have all reminded me that i love you guys! i know that sometimes i get discouraged, or frustrated, and starting ranting about gender diversity and "boy fabrics" or about cliques and popularity contests, or race privilege within modern quilting and the blogging world, but above it all, i really do love you guys.

and because i love you, and i know posts with no pictures are no fun, here are some hearts and love.
(whenever i say "no fun", i have an immediate flashback to michelle tanner on full house singing "no fun, no fun, sitting in the corner.." is that just me?)

you've probably seen my recent hearts - the anatomical heart mini quilt, the whale love mini quilt, or the heart bee blocks, so these are all oldies that you probably missed.

two of hearts
from october of 2010

finished sacred heart 1
from february 2009

card fronts
from may 2010

from may 2009

from february 2009

heart bib detail
from december 2008

from february 2009

and my absolute favourite valentine of all time -
grainelevator valentine
made february 2008

sending everyone lots of love!!!

**(who apparently reads my blog, so hopefully she's okay with me calling her that? it's what i call her in my head! and she is little! um, S, feel free to e-mail and tell me not to call you that...also, i shouldn't be making assumptions about your pronoun prefences, so please call me out on that too, if i'm using the wrong ones!)


Cynthia F said...

I just adore you Amy! & we're so lucky to have you in the FVMQG, you're always full of excitement & enthusiasm, and so much fun to be around! :D xo

Now I want that cupcake recipe! :D

Poppyprint said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I love you right back.

felicity said...

We love you, too Amy! xxxxx

Holly said...

Amy, we love you too! I can't get enough of your enthusiasm for modern quilting! And your endearing attention to detail. And your endless creativity!

Your embroidered heart from 2009 is gorgeous!

ps I totally saw that charm pack at the quilt show.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the peeps above. Sending that love right back at you. You are one of my have things about the VMQG Miss Crazy Amy. Talking of preferences to parts of speech you may question my choice of adjective that I call you by. But, uh, tats, studs & attitude aside, you stitched through a freakin' LP! How awesome is that?!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Sending some love right back at ya xxx

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