Thursday, February 2, 2012

i really like Habitat. it's weird, i know.

but i do! it's awesome. there are a few prints in the line that i'm not into, but i never like the entire line anyway, so that's nothing new. i know a lot of people aren't that into it, but i love it, especially this one, the drop cloth print.

i made this a few weeks ago for a friend's birthday. Kalin loves this print too, so i used some of my scraps from the VMQG challenge to make her a little flex frame change purse.

habitat change purse side A

and the inside is the same wine fabric as the top.

habitat change inside

the front and back are different, cause what's the fun of matching? ;)

habitat change purse side B

obviously, blog posts which require much writing aren't happening at the moment. however, i did take pictures of my VMQG Habitat challenge quilt, so i'll post that soon!


twelfthzodiac said...

I have been loving all the Habitat I see in blogland... and it was a little surprising to me. I finally broke down & purchased a little of dropcloth & ...the 'rooftops' one. No idea what I will make with them yet!

Poppyprint said...

It's okay. I'll still be your friend even though you like Habitat.

Kalin said...

I love my little purse!

everytime I see it I think that I must start my matching drop cloth dress.

Holly said...

Very cute! Happy belated birthday to Kalin!

Arita said...

It's really cute. Where do you get your flex frames?

felicity said...

Habitat isn't so terrible - on balance I like it, too! The wee purse is absolutely adorbs.

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