Friday, August 6, 2010

whew... lots of WIPS and little things!

lately i've been feeling like i'm having a hard time getting stuff accomplished. i'm flittering back and forth between projects, with not enough energy to finish all of them entirely. the past few weeks have been very busy, and though i don't often talk about it here (i completely missed blogging against disabelism day this year!), healthwise it's been a rough few months. i said last week that i was feeling discombobulated, and i think that's a very good word for me lately!

but there are some really exciting things happening! one i think is supposed to be hush-hush, and i'm cool with that in a don't-count-your-chickens-before-they're-hatched kind of way. i don't want to jinx anything!

the other two i can totally tell you about, but i'm going to save them for separate posts, just cause they're THAT cool, and cause i have lots of pictures to go along with them!

however, i do have lots of little odds and ends to show you and catch you up on!

i've been sending lots of letters, fun little ones.

like these accordion style playing card letters...
june 2010

june 2010 mini-letters

funky letters typed out on vintage ledger pages
ledger letter a

letters with random sewing added as detail
july 22 10 a
july 22 10 b

liz envelope
square envelope back

and letters with fun envelopes, like these ones - they're security envelopes turned inside out and glued back together again.

i made myself a fancy hairclip to wear to a friend's grad, and altered a dress to go along with it.
i love the ruffle i added when i shortened it! (cause i'm really really short...)

i'm making myself a workbench for my drill press
(and not to be all conceited or anything, but the pictures i took of myself sawing turned out pretty damn hot... there are more in this folder!)

i'm totally appreciating the little movie clips that friends have made, while mentally planning one myself (i'll probably never get around to it!!)
an awesome one about trans "allies" that aren't really allies
(and totally check out bearabouttown's other amazing videos about stuff like access, ableism, and "women's spaces"

and an awesome one about personal space, consent, and the right to say no and be heard

i've been working on zine stuff and a baby quilt, making myself a few skirts (LOVING my ruffle foot lately!!), housesitting for my parents and trying to sort fabric while i was there, making curtains for my living room, and i'm working on an embroidery project which will never end, and planning so many more....

that sounds like a lot, doesn't it? it's really just because i haven't updated in so long, it sounds like a lot when you smush them all together into one post! plus, a bunch of them are still WIPs - one day i'll finish something.


Amber H. said...

I agree, that you do look fabulous while working the power tools! I really do love your hairpiece too, so glamorous and pretty!

AlphaBetsy said...

I just wanted to say that you do look pretty incredible with your power tools!! And the paper pieces are awesome.

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