Monday, August 16, 2010

random weekend update...

whew! this weekend honestly felt like the busiest weekend of the summer. there were 6 different things i need to be at/wanted to be at today - i made it to 2, and that was a lot for me. i picked up my pieces from the art show, then went to a fat panic meet up, and was drained of energy by the time we left the coffee shop. it's way hotter here than it normally is, and humid with it, and we're so not used to it. the humid part is what sucks - i painted furniture last week and it took days to dry because of it. (i need to do another coat, and i'm dreading it!)

i made cupcakes, but they didn't like the heat either....
they were for the 3rd event/meetup that i was going to go to, and they didn't survive sitting in the car during the 2nd event of the day. since i didn't end up having the energy to go to the 3rd thing anyway, it wasn't a huge loss. but they're definitely sad little cupcakes!

instead of going to the 3rd event, i gave a friend a ride, and had a little chat that was super awesome and just what i needed, and then i came home and crashed soooo hard, i don't think i even moved the whole time i was sleeping!

i'm just feeling very very drained and fragile these days. achier than usual, and kinda dizzy, and easily agitated.

but there are happy things going on too!

like the beautiful glads i picked up the other day

some amazing connections that i made this weekend that made me really happy

my cat has finally gotten over her fear of the large fan i bought (it's hot, and i need it, but i felt so guilty that she wouldn't leave the bedroom when it was on!)

i made yummy peanut butter marshmallow squares that kinda melted, but were saved by the refrigerator!

i've still plugging away at writing for a perzine, i might actually manage to get it finished before the PDX zine symposium... we'll see!

blue wonky star
and i FINALLY finished two baby quilts that i've been working on, and i'm so so enamoured with how the machine quilting looks and feels with the fabrics and batting that i can't stop admiring them!



tattoo print

and i still haven't posted about the last exciting thing that i mentioned earlier, or about the second piece that i had in the art show!

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