Monday, May 10, 2010

the coolest safety glasses in the world!

i would just like y'all to know that i now own the awesomest pair of safety glasses EVER in the history of the world. no shit.

they are completely ridiculous, and so totally me. i adore them.

safety glasses

i started working on them back in march, drilling holes along the edges to embroider into. a few weeks later i started on the embroidery, using dmc metallic floss and a chain stitch, and that went fairly quickly. and then they sat on my table for a month.

i finally got my butt in gear to haul out my crazy glue to glue down the ends of the floss. it turned out that crazy glue wasn't the best option, since it turned the previously clear plastic opaque wherever it was applied.

i'd thought about adding a few rhinestones, in a tasteful sort of way.... and maybe those rhinestones could help camouflage the crazy glue mistake...

but the urge for glitz quickly overcame the idea of tastefullness!


there's actually some embroidery with silver metallic floss as well, along the sides of the glasses, but it's hidden by the rhinestones.

left back

right front


i switched over to glossy accents instead of the crazy glue, and it worked fabulously. even where there's extra glue between the rhinestones, the area is still clear. (i love that shit, i use it for EVERYTHING)

i'm still contemplating more rhinestones... the area above the lenses across the front seems a little bare with just the embroidery... i've been to three different dollar stores clearing out their stock of silver rhinestones, so now i've got a ton to glue onto other things as well!

the other day i decided that they needed the perfect glasses chain so that i could wear them around my neck. in the interest of safety, i wanted the chain to "break" easily if i ever got it caught on something. i contemplated buying a cheap cat's collar for the plastic breakaway clasp, but decided that a magnetic jewelery clasp would be comfier, not to mention more attractive.

so yesterday i went to the Upstart Crow and picked up some magnetic clasps, and this morning i hauled out all of my red and white/silver beads to start stringing the necklace. i added a few charms as well, a wonderful virgin mary, multiple types of stars, and a red glass skull bead.


so now they're done. for the moment, at least! and they're completely ridiculous, and incredibly wonderful.

and it's perfect timing, because yesterday i went to a garage sale and walked away with a DRILL PRESS!!! and a whole bunch of cutting wheels, sanding wheels and polishing wheels for my dremel! what should i drill/cut/sand and polish first??


* said...

I almost want to take a science class so I can wear those.

Truly awesome.

Ginny said...

Those are totally ridiculous in a very cool way, too funny! My youngest daughter would totally wear those!

Eva said...

I adore these! I saw your post on facebook and finally remembered to come to your blog. Way to rock safe crafting!!! <3

Anonymous said...

As a teacher/presenter at a science center I just had to tell you how much I LOVE your safety glasses! I was looking around the net to try to replace a blue glitter pair I have used for years and came across your pics... I will be following your lead and making my own spangly pair to wear at work!

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