Friday, January 22, 2010

christmas part 2 - the big tree!

i've been collecting vintage glass ornaments for years and years now. even the years that i didn't put my tree up, i still collected the ornaments. i went through them about 5 years ago, weeding out the generic plain ones, because i was approaching multiple rubbermaid bins full of them!

this year was the first year that i've been able to do a tree with JUST the vintage ornaments, and i love how it worked out! (the garland wasn't vintage, but it WAS thrifted - the boxes it came in shows that it was from costco. i paid $1.50 each for two boxes)


this is actually a new tree, because mine was somehow lost after i moved back in with my parents. dad borrowed it for work, and nobody knows where it went after that!

i decided to get one with the lights on it, just cause it would be less work, but i didn't realize that they weren't LED until later. i should've known, it was too cheap for LED, but it was still very pretty all lit up.



i have that tree one in multiple colours. they must have been really common, because i didn't buy them all together.

i love the blue star one, i have 4 of those.

the one on the bottom left is definitely the biggest on the tree!

i love the pear shaped one on the top left.


this tree topper is actually plastic. i was so sure that i used to have several glass toppers, but maybe i gave them away when i pared down the collection.

the long blue one was a splurge at a vintage store in november. i had a crappy day, and saw it in the window. i have plenty of long ones, but this is the first i've seen shaped like this, with ridges.

the pear shaped one again, though slightly washed out.

i managed to score a white tree on boxing day this year, so i'm thinking that next year the vintage ornaments will all go on a white tree with white led lights. won't they pop wonderfully?

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