Monday, July 27, 2009

Pendants -Plastic Deer and Embroidered Leather!

i realized that i never got around to posting these, so i thought i'd do it now, while things are kinda boring around here, with me away!

these were for a pendant swap on, oh, a while ago now. i signed up to send two pendants, and did two pretty different styles!

the deer pendants were for the smaller group of us who were sending and receiving the extra pendants, and other than trying to chose colours that i thought the other swappers would like, i didn't really cater to them as much. these were so much fun!

remember the pieces i worked in the michael de meng class? one of them had a mounted deer attached to her chest? i really really loved how that looked, and couldn't resist making these pendants.

the deer were REALLY hard to find, way harder than i'd expected! i looked around online a bunch, and finally ordered some, but i wasn't sure they'd arrive in time, so i found a cake decorating place out in langley that had them as well. it was good that i did, since the ones i ordered online were smaller than i'd expected!

i chopped the heads off with my handy dandy dremel, and then glued them onto the backgrounds. i had a pile of deer bodies out on my deck for ages afterwards!

deer pendants

they were incredibly difficult to photograph, as you can tell.....

no flash
deer pendants, no flash

deer pendants with flash

for the other set, which was going to everyone in the swap, i made embroidered leather pendants. these were a lot of fun, because i try to find a design for each swapper that i thought they'd like. the leather was all recycled, from purses and clothing, and after the embroidery's done i glue another piece of leather onto the back and cut them out.

brown leather - tulip, flower octagon, swallow

flower octagon
this design was from


tulip trapunto
this design was from

skull cameo
this one was from i sized it smaller, and it caused a lot of rippling in the design, i obviously shrunk it too much!

maroon leather photo - cupcake and peacock

peacock feather
this design was from

pink cupcake
this design was from

3 owls photo

pink owls
i digitized this design myself, based on a vintage owl trivet that i have. i made an extra of this one, and it's in my etsy shop

tan owl
this one was an extra as well, so it's up on etsy too

trees and fancy feathers photo

i digitized this design myself, and my sister swiped the extra


fancy feathers
this design was from

these two are both free standing lace, embroidered onto wash away stabilizer. i love how they turned out!
lace bat

lace web cameo

both lace pendants photo
both designs came from

and these ones were an extra goodie, because i was late sending out and i felt bad! i digitized one of the craftster logos and stitched them out on black leather. i sent one to leah too!



i hope you like them! the swappers definitely seemed to.

i'm still in manitoba, and will be for a few more weeks. i went thrifting a bit on saturday and got some incredible finds (vintage embroidery patterns!! filmstrips!!), and yesterday i headed into winnipeg to visit my grandma in the hospital again, and then met up with a friend. we had a great visit, and went to the MOST AMAZING FABRIC STORE EVER! i took pictures, and bought way too much, but that'll have to wait until i have high speed internet again!

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