Monday, June 1, 2009

Embroidered Eyeball!

i feel at loose ends today, now that the giveaway is over.

i know, i have a ton of different projects to work on, but i just can't get motivated. part of this is because i feel really terrible today, i've pushed myself too much the last little while (as evidenced by this damn fever i've had all day - i hate that!). but even my usual i-feel-crappy crafts like embroidery or button sorting aren't interesting me today!

i'm still working on contacting the winners (i have to wait for the winner ahead of them to chose a prize), but don't worry, i'll update with the list as soon as i can!

in the meantime, i wanted to post the awesome embroidery piece that i received last week. i mentioned that i was in an anatomy themed embroidery swap on flickr, and i posted the pregnancy themed piece that i made for jo.

last week i received from my piece from johnnymurder, and i LOVE it! it's so awesome.

a little bit more detail of the awesome multi-coloured iris
eye detail

i've always been really bad at more relaxed crafting like this, i'm way too anal! (you should see my attempts at funky reconstructed tshirts!) johnnymurder is pretty much a master at it, so it was super exciting to receive something that i know i'd never ever be able to duplicate!


edward and lilly said...

How cool is that eye embroidery! Sounds like you need a well deserved rest. Love your blog, it's great, I'll be back for more.

amy dame said...

yay! i started this blog simply as somewhere to post pics and keep a record of things i've made, and it's grown into so much more. i'm glad you like it!

Brook said...

looks great!

corduroy cat said...

LMAO! i love it! is this her real eye or her glass one? :)

Melanie said...

I find this slightly creepy, and yet so very cool.

A Joyful Chaos said...

All I can say is, Whoa!

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