Friday, April 10, 2009

updates and goodies from the mail!

ohmygoodness, so behind!

i'm sorry for disappearing like that! i've definitely been trying to blog more often, but these last few weeks have pretty much sucked, healthwise. after a few weeks of actually feeling better for once, i started feeling crappy again, and it really threw me for a loop! it's funny how quickly we get used to things we like, and how long it takes us to get used to the things that we don't! after only a few weeks of feeling better, i had it in my head that i could do more, and that i had more energy, and so even though i felt so terrible this week, i still kept pushing myself. you'd think i'd know better by now!

this week was going to be my take it easy week, though it didn't end up quite as chill as i wanted it to be. i was really sore and tired and in a daze for a lot of it! i kept thinking of things to post about, and then by the time i had a chance to actually post, i was way too wiped out!

so i've got lots of things to update about, MSCEApril for one, and my adventures monday for another.

but before i get into them, let's talk about mail. i LOVE mail! this has been a really awesome mail week! i've received lots of swap goodies - two chunky houses, seven pendants from the pendant swap, a piece of my puzzle atc, and a fabric atc! that's just the swap stuff!

i also received lots of non-swap goodies!

a whole stack of loose embroidery patterns that i won for a whopping $0.99 on ebay! i can't wait to scan and organize these!
pile o' patterns!

a huge order of unmounted rubber stamps from purple onion design's overstock sale.
rubber stamps

3 awesome pins from the folks at i'm so so impatient for their book to come out!
yarn bombing

and all these vintage deer, which i purchased from shara at . aren't they super cute?!
vintage deer!
i'd also found some locally, at this amazing cake decorating place, so now i have a TON of deer! my massage therapist said the other day "amy, i think you're the only person i know who has her own herd of plastic deer." gee, ya think!

wasn't that a fabulous mail week? i'm so sad that today's a holiday and i didn't get any mail!


AlwaysInspired said...

What a great mail week!
I too have a herd of those same plastic deer! I can't wait to see what you plan on doing with them!

amy dame said...

it was! i received some awesome things this week too, but not nearly as much!

as for the deer, i'll give you a hint - there's currently a collection of mangled deer bodies on my back deck!

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