Thursday, February 19, 2009

things i love thursday!

i've been wondering lately if i come across as a really negative person. a friend of mine was saying that in her household "hate" is a bad word, she doesn't let her daughter use it, and she doesn't use it herself.

i use the word hate all the time. i hate this, i hate that, etc. but i use the word love all the time too! i never seem to just like or dislike anything, i either love it or hate it or don't have an opinion. i think this is a trace of my old drama queen self!

it's also an interesting thing to think about because i'm so lefty, and right wing people always seem to complain about how "negative" lefties are. in reality, when they call us negative, it's usually because we pointed out something that they'd rather not think about, but still. lefties get the reputation for being negative because we're willing to point out things that don't work, that need fixing (like health care!).

so maybe we need to make more of an effort to talk about the things that DO work, that don't need fixing. i don't know. i don't feel like i'm a negative person, but i worry that others might interpret me that way. bitchy, yes, negative, no! ;)

but on the note of talking about the good things, here are some things i love

- basic grey scrapbooking papers. i love them! they always have the coolest designs. 9 times out of 10, if i fall in love with a paper design, it's basic grey. there are others that i like for specific looks (like sassafras or pink paisley, both super cute), but for regular gorgeous paper, basic grey wins.
- cats! cats in general, but especially my babies. i put them on the list everytime, but i love them everytime!
- also loving everytime, my bed! mm, so cozy. i love my bed and my bedding. getting an actual duvet was the best thing i ever did.
- b&w photocopies. i love photocopying shit, my ex used to joke that i could live at kinkos. it's true! i knew which machines were the only ones in vancouver that would do the reverse copying that i loved so much! i love toner, how it looks when it's printing too thick, and how it looks when it's printing perfectly.
- vintage valentine images! but you probably already guessed that from recent entries, right?
- megan at the upstart crow in ladner, bc. she's so awesome. the store is fabulous, and so is she. i saw her the other day and it was wonderful.
- the mod girls. i love them to pieces, i really do. they're amazing.
- friends who get me, who know that it's nothing personal if i hibernate or can't come out that night or forget that we were supposed to hang out because i feel so crappy that my brain is all fuzzy. i'm so extremely lucky with the people in my life.
- iron on transfers. so much love! (but only when they actually work....)
- cleaning my studio! or rather, the result of cleaning my studio (not so much the cleaning itself!)
- gyosas. mmmmmmm... i've been craving them lately!
- skirts. i love skirts. they're the perfect use of 1yd of fabric and so quick and easy to make.
- hand embroidery. i've really been loving it lately.


Kristina said...

"bithcy, yes. negative, no."
haha! Well we can be bitchy positive democrats together. :)

amy dame said...

sure! ha!

though i'm not sure i'd be a democrat, actually. they're more centre left, aren't they? or is it more varied than that, since you only have the 2 major parties?

we've got more parties to choose from, but even so, i often feel too left for the major ones!

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