Thursday, February 26, 2009

more exciting news!

i know, i'm just full of it lately! (excitement, don't be a jerk!)

first, my FAVOURITE store, the upstart crow in ladner, bc, has a website up! i'm so excited and happy for them, i've been wishing for it so long! of course, a large part of my happiness is due to my incessant linkage. ;) now i have somewhere to link to when i post about them!

and the other excitement, which is REALLY exciting, is that i registered to take a class with Micheal deMeng! i am really really hyped about this! the details of the class are in the class link, but basically it's a 2 day class, the first day is "Island of deMented Toys", so altered toys, and the second day is "Nicho Libre", building a space/shrine/etc for the toy you made the first day, or for something else. i'm really excited about the opportunity to learn from someone who makes such AMAZING art (seriously, check out his link!), and to hopefully advance my own style and technique. i'm also excited about working in a class setting, because i'm so isolated with my health, my only interaction with other crafty or arty people is online. i am REALLY concerned about how my health will handle it, and originally i thought i should just sign up for one day (that's an option too), but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and i refuse to let me health force me into not taking it. there are already too many things that i've missed out on. so i'll take lots of pain killers, and maybe i'll bring my own chair, and i'll get through it. i might not be up for posting right away afterward, i think i'll be recovering for at least a week!


peggy gatto said...

So glad you are able to do these classes! I was in mexico this last halloween for his day of the dead workshop. I had taken 5 classes locally and was hooked!!!!! He has the best sense of humor,excellant teacher, some great paint mixing demos, lets you do your own instinct with your piece while offering helpful ideas. Have fun and be sure and take lots of pics.
I found you thru helga's blog challenge, I'm a chix!

amy dame said...

aw, thanks so much for commenting! i'm so glad to hear that he's fabulous!

i'd LOVE to take a day of the dead themed class with him, lucky you!

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