Friday, January 23, 2009

daily crafting and embroidery.

i've been doing really good with the daily crafting thing. some days it's not physical crafting, it's setting up a swap, or reading a craft book or magazine (the new sumerset studios is FINALLY on the shelves - why is it always so late!?), or not so fun crafting, like hemming my little brother's pants, but at least i'm doing SOMETHING every day!

i did finish my bad bird mermaid pattern from andrea zuill's blog that i mentioned a while ago, i just haven't posted it. i guess i should do that, huh?

she actually reminds me of a friend of mine, i think it's lovely curve of her fce and the shades of colour in her hair.

speaking of her hair, i LOVE it! it's chain stitch, lots and lots of chain stitch, and at the time it felt like it was never ending (i made my stitches WAY too small, it took forever), i do love the results. (i kinda wish i'd done the flower in lighter colours though....)
mermaid detail1
i first tried doing the chain stitch sidebyside for the bangs of the sublime stitching lisa petrucci flower i embroidered on one of the bibs that i made nyxxie, and it's such a fun texture.

mermaid detail2
i was originally going to do a scallop type stitch on the tail, and fill it in entirely, but i tried it, and wasn't happy with it. so i stuck with the pattern lines!

i really love this mermaid! i'm not sure what i'll do with it, but it'll find a home eventually! i had a lot of problems with puckering on this piece, which has never happened before. these photos were taken after MUCH blocking and pressing, and you can still kind of see some puckering. blegh. she still turned out fabulous though!

(speaking of andrea zuill, did you see january's free pattern? gorgeous! i can't wait to stitch it!)

i'm really itching to do more embroidery right now! i joined the valentine's tea towel swap (oh, the drama of finding good towels in canada! god!), and i'm doing a private one as well. and i have a few ideas for other embroidery projects that i'm itching to get started on too, both of them are going to be huge, i need to get started before i get scared!


TiLT said...

She's great!

amy dame said...


Brook said...

Oh my gosh!!! your stitches are PERFECT!!!! I love this!! I've been wanting to do this pattern or the dutch girl one! You rocked it!

amy dame said...

thank you! i'm SO anal about my stitches!

i love her patterns! i want to buy one from her, because i think she's awesome to do the monthly free pattern thing, but the free patterns are always my favourites! i've done the unicorn, the love bear, and this one. i really want to do this month's free pattern, it's perfect for valentines!

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