Sunday, December 7, 2008

beaded crosstitch from kits! (catch up post 2!)

these are pretty simple, i purchased kits for both of them, but they turned out pretty nice. they were for my grandmas, i gave them to them while i was inmanitoba, and they both loved them.

in progress
joy in progress
this one was for my grandma who's blind, i was hoping that the beads would make it easy for her to feel the writing out, but i'm not so sure it actually will. the colours are her colours though, burgundy red, deep green, etc, so she'll like the sound of it when i describe it to her.

joy complete

the back, pretty messy!
joy back

and then i decided that i should probably make one for my other grandmas as well, so i went back to find a kit for her. i couldn't find a pin that i thought she'd like, so i ended up with this ornament, which took MUCH longer to do!




and the back, a little less messy than the pin. or maybe not!

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