Saturday, October 4, 2008

halloween ridiculousness!

obviously my goal to post daily, or even more regularly, was pretty much shot last week. it was a pretty ridiculous week, honestly. a whole bunch of family stuff, a whole bunch of my own paperwork and stuff, and what little crafting i managed was all for swaps, so secret, and none of it worked out anyway! (i'll post pics of my attempts once the package is received!) i had very little blog time, and i'm all behind on following blogs as well, so i couldn't even post fun links!

but i thought i'd post very vaguely about what i've been working with. halloween goodies!! i'm doing the trick or treat altoid tin swap, and the jar of whimsies swap, which isn't necessarily halloween, but since my partner is kittykill, of course it is somewhat! and signups ended for the halloween atc swap, so i need to get those finished and sent out.

i wanted to gather up all my halloween supplies and put them all in one place to help inspire me for these swaps. it turned out to be scarier than i was expecting!

halloween stuff

this picture is pretty small, so click on it to see it bigger. this is my halloween stash. pretty ridiculous, huh? paper, chipboard, stickers, transfers, stamps, ribbons, brads, more and more stamps, buttons, wooden things, acetate, more paper... and i know i'm missing stuff... i vividly remember buying brads and charms last year that aren't in this pile, and there's probably more.

the paper alone is scary enough...
spooky paper
my stack of halloween paper. um, wow.

now that i've got it all in one place, i think i'm done buying halloween supplies!


TiLT said...

Holy Ghosties! That's a lot of goodies...I think it may inspire bloggers beyond here...

Amanda Panda Pants said...

Girlie I dig your style!!!!!!

Nichola said...

I'm totally jealous :)

Rose Ann said...

I find your stash spooktacular!

Enjoy your week.
Rose Ann

amy dame said...

ha! thanks everyone! it's pretty ridiculous, i know.

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