Sunday, September 28, 2008

altering altoid tins

i mentioned before that i signed up for the altered altoid tin swap on and that i'm seriously obsessing about it. i've never made one before, and doing new things for swaps stresses me out (so why did i join? i can't resist halloween goodness!)

so i'm googling. lots and lots of googling. i found a bunch of tutorials, and rather than just sending them all to my favourites list where they'll never see the light of day again (i NEED to organize that list!), i thought i'd post them here in case anyone else ever obsesses the same way i am!

ribbon and paper tin
paper covered tin
paper covered tin with a primer base
another paper and ribbon tin
a vintage fairy tin tutorial
a free class/tutorial from artchix studio
prepping the tins for altering
a different way to add beads (no drilling)

and here are some inspirational tins...
a whole bunch, including halloween tins
mother tin
oooh, an altered altoid tin flickr group! lots of yummy eye candy!

and here are some random tutorial lists that i know i'll want to go back to!
scrapbooking and card based, but still lots of good ideas
a whole long list of altered art links and tutes


TiLT said...

Goodie!!! I love link lists. Especially if it leads to play time :)

amy dame said...

the last two especially have TONS of info in them! and the flickr group is good for at least an hour of ogling!

Anonymous said...

Amy, you have TONS happening on your blog! How cool. I don't have time to read much right now, but will be back as soon as I can. Hope things are going well with you. :)

amy dame said...

i'm trying to write more often! i'm wondering if i need to/should set days for certain things... maybe that will motivate me? suggestions of any sort are welcome!

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