Sunday, July 6, 2008

last altered ancestor piece!

huraay!! my last altered ancestor piece FINALLY arrived, so i can post it here!

this was for the_trademarks, and her grandfather was a bookie for the mob, and loved to gamble, and had a tattoo from the korean war. her grandmother loved yellow roses, among other things. and they were catholic.

i worked on it off and on for a few weeks (so many layers to dry!), and the yellow was a big departure for me.

this was the first stage, so that you can see the silicone transfer.

and the final result.
the background is 6 vintage playing cards glued onto mat board. the card on the upper left is a 2 of hearts, which i thought was cheesy and sweet, but it's barely visible. the cards were white washed, and then i used the silicone transfer technique to transfer the photo. the silicone wasn't quite dry, so some parts rubbed off, but i kinda like that. after that was all dry i washed over it again with light yellow paint. i decided to use tattoo style stamps because of her grandpa's tattoo, and i stamped the yellow roses for her grandmother and and the cross for their religion. those stamps are all embossed. i smudged the whole background with a bit of black, to blend the picture in better, and then sprinkled some black embossing powder to make the random black dots. the love stamp is staZon, because i wasn't going to emboss it, and my black pigment ink pad is too light (it's drying out). and the sparkly heart brad is actually a more yellowy cream than it scanned, so it matches better than that!

a few of the GHI atcs i made have been received, but i'll probably wait until they all are before i post them here.


kelly said...

Oh, this is fantastic -- the layers are so rich. Terrific job!(as always...)

amy dame said...

thank you! there were sooo many layers.... i'm glad it turned out, if it hadn't after i'd spent that long waiting for layers to dry, i think i would've cried!

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