Thursday, June 5, 2008

it's countdown time again! and another ancestor piece!

lisa voltrath is doing a countdown for fathers day, the link is HERE. they're linkware, as usual, so don't forget to post the link somewhere before downloading them! the first page is up, and damn, they're cute! i can't decide if my favourite is the little boy with the huge cowlick (it looks like a faux hawk!), or the two little sailor boys. so cute!

also, one of the altered ancestor pieces i sent out last week has been received!

this piece is a bit simpler in appearance than some of the ones i've done, but i really couldn't find anything else to add! i like the simplicity of it, actually.

it's a base of heavy weight cardboard painted with a mixture of pink acrylic and golden acrylic gel medium (regular gel) . before the mixture dried, i wrote the word love in it and textured it a bit. after it was dry i painted it with a wash of red paint, so that the colour would pool in the writing and the texture. it worked pretty well, though i kinda wish i'd had more texture over the main part of the body. i altered the photo of the recipients grandparents as teenagers to make it shades of red and pink before printing it, then glued it onto the background. i then used my big bite crop-o-dile to punch the holes in a heart shape before embroidering a chain stitch in raspberry coloured satin cording. i'd been dying to do some embroidery like this, so i was excited to try it! i wish the big bite had a bit bigger opening - the cardboard was almost too thick to fit!


gingerquilts said...

Love your page and your determination to add the embroidery! Your work is all great. I love that "ART" sacred heart, too.

kelly said...

Oh! I LOVE the way the embroidery looks on this -- fantastic job!

amy dame said...

thanks both of you!

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