Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oct/06 - Patchwork Duvet

i made a duvet cover. it was a hell of a lot more time intensive than originally planned! that's why i left it at stripes instead of squares. i'd never have finished it if i'd done squares! it was pricier than i'd planned too, all those sheets added up! (it's made of vintage sheets, with a layer of broadcloth to make it less opaque, cause i wasn't sure if her duvet was white or not)

but i really like it. not my style at all, but i REALLY like it. a lot more than i thought i would, truth be told.

queen size duvet

it's a full square, you just can't see the sides cause my bed isn't a full square. and there's a lot more green in it, but those strips are along the sides, which you can't see. i cut off a bit at the bottom in the picture. oops. i took the picture standing on a stool holding the camera over my head, cause i was too lazy to bring the ladder inside just for the picture!

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