Wednesday, September 12, 2007

July/07 - Vinyl Heart Knitting Bag

human heart pierced with knitting needles
close up of the heart stitching and the stitched blood. god, that took forever.
pockets inside. there a ton of them. one more than planned since i realized after heming one that it no longer fit the recipients MP3 player. oops. the one on the side gusset is elasticated at the top to hold a cell phone in
pocket on the back. looks good, but i will probably never do it again! that extra layer of vinyl and lining made the corners really difficult

mouse over the pics for descriptions and excuse the shitty lighting, i just HAD to take pictures tonight!. i think it took me about 6 hours total, maybe a bit more. super time intensive. i wish i'd remembered how much i hate doing that style of corners in vinyl, i should've made them rounded. oh well. opinions? my mom's horrified.

the design for this bag was the recipient's idea, she was planning a tattoo with a similar image.

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