Sunday, October 28, 2012

Friday/Sunday Felicities!

Felicity #1 - i'm HOME! yay!!!

ohmygoodness, am i glad to be home. the week that i was away was simultaneously the longest week ever and much much too short to get everything accomplished in! this trip was super sudden - i bought my plane ticket on monday, and left on wednesday! my grandma (who i spent almost a month with last winter) got into a care home, which we weren't expecting it for at least another 3-6 months, and it was right in the middle of a super busy time for my mom.

it worked out really well for my grandma though, the time was about right, health wise, she got settled in before winter really started, and it was her first choice location, so she didn't have to go to another town to wait for a space in the town she lives in. and the lady two rooms down from her is that type of goodhearted busybody often found in small towns (she wants to know everything first!), and she's already taken my grandma under her wing and helped her get settled in.

however, it was a super stressful trip for me. my family can be frustrating at the best of times, and this definitely wasn't the best of times! my grandma has gotten a lot more confused, so there was a lot of repeating the same questions over and over, and they were all questions that i couldn't answer, since i hadn't even seen the room at the care home! she obsesses over specific things for weeks on end, and gets herself really anxious about them, and i felt so bad that i couldn't reassure her enough to calm her down. my bachelor uncle came out the day before she moved to help, but wasn't a whole lot of help - you can definitely tell that he's a bachelor!

in addition to his general obliviousness (he's a nice guy, i'm just not sure how he's lived more than 50 years without knowing some stuff!), we also had to deal with things like her last wishes, a DNR order, living will, etc. sad stuff, but at the same time, she's lived a long time, been widowed for more than 20 years and she's at peace with whatever comes next, so it wasn't as sad as it might have been. however, as her son, my uncle had a harder time with it, and he had a lot less understanding of things like the medical repercussions of CPR, palliative care, etc than i'd expected.

add in a lack of internet, three different cell phone chargers before i got my phone to charge (of all the things to forget at home!), a flat tire, not nearly enough time to rest, overweight luggage, etc, etc....

i'm so glad to be home!

Felicity #2 - melmac!
melmac tea set
the teaset! i think i paid $3.50 for this set, and i actually had to convince the lady that it was okay to charge me that much! it's actually melmac brand, and it's not in pristine condition, but i don't care, i love that turquoise blue!

i didn't even see the teaset at first, i'd picked up a piece of pyrex, and was busy convincing myself that i didn't need it (why would i need a gravy boat, really? and pyrex is such a hassle to bring home on a plane!), when i looked over and saw these tucked away on the back of the shelf. love!

melmac cups and saucer
i also picked up these two mugs and a random saucer/bowl at a different thrift store a few days later. they're three different brands - i'm an equal opportunity melamine lover! the colours aren't as exciting, but they're still a great $.75 addition to my collection. and i love the little lip on the bowl!

melmac mugs
these are the three cup styles that i found while i was away, along with one from a set that i already had (the bottom one). i love how they've all got different shapes and different handles!

i'm barely squeaking in under the deadline for this - i'd definitely say that i'm the president of the last-minute club today!

but that's actually Felicity #3 - my siblings. i meant to post this on friday, but i ended up having a long talk with my sister. we live in the same apartment building, but i hardly see her, she's always so busy. i ran into her when i was going to put my laundry in the dryer (because the washing machine on my floor was full of kitty litter - seriously! gross, huh? shared laundry is NOT a felicity!), and she was just getting home, so i went and hung out with her for a bit.

and then i thought i'd post it on saturday, but i had a long phone chat with my brother instead. he's living halfway across the country, getting his master's degree, and we've had so many great chats since he moved away! we talk so much more when he's not around to irritate me in person. ;)

i have a few other felicities, such as TUTORIALS that i'm working on, but i'll save them for next week!


Tammy said...

Gorgeous colour! My Grandfather was fed up of my heavy-handed Grandmother breaking all the handles of their cups and breaking plates so he bought her a melamine dinner service in a similar colour to yours with a 40yr guarantee that the set was unbreakable. My Grandmother then left some of the set on the stove/hob/cooker top and melted it. My grandparents are no longer alive but parts of the set still exists spread across the UK and NZ. Thanks for the memory

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Oh I wish my sister lived that near :(

Love love love the crocks - the turquoise is perfect!

Cathy said...

eeek! love the melmac. It brings back such memories of my childhood! Glad to here you got your gramma settled! kitty litter in the washing machine? seriously bent!

trudys_person said...

Love the real Melmac!!

felicity said...

The real Melmac is definitely the best! My siblings are a big felicity in my life, too. Welcome home and thanks for linking up!

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