Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday Felicities!

i'm away from home at the moment, lost in a land of no internet access, so this will be quick! (i've driven to town to run errands, and i'm using the restaurant's wifi as i eat my lunch.)

Felicity #1!!

Halloween!! FVMQG and VMQG have both had their October (aka Halloween) meetings, and they were awesome! i made a new skirt, and wore my bat wings, and it was fabulous.

FVMQG really went all out, lots of people dressed up, and we had not one but TWO halloween swaps! i'll do a separate post about FVMQG, and show you the goodies i made for the swaps.

VMQG did our annual halloween block lotto, which was also really fabulous, even if i was the only one who dressed up. (boo on you guys!)

there were lots of amazing blocks, but i didn't win this year. i'm really okay with that, i was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable about winning every year!

vmqg halloween blocks
(look at the awesome bat in the bottom corner that Berene's son made! i was sad not to win that one!)

and Felicity #2!!

thrift stores!! i love thrift stores, and i especially <3 prairie thrift stores! i slip in trips to the thrift store in between trips to relatives (thrifting gives me a break before i blow up and say something unforgivable, like the time i told my grandma that i wasn't catholic anymore, and she got so upset that i had to apologize and tell her i'd been lying!), and i've managed a few in the past few days. unfortunately, my all-time-favourite thrift store is only open two days a week, but i'm hoping to make it there on tuesday. cross your fingers for me!

the common thread
(i took this picture last year... it is NOT that nice out here right now!)

it's a FABRIC THRIFT STORE! seriously! isn't that amazing? they carry yarn, fabric, notions, sewing machines, patterns, etc. everything that you need, it'll eventually come through the store. a lot of the other thrift stores in this region send their sewing related stuff to this store, and the space is run by the mennonite quilting ladies, who make spectacularly ugly charity quilts to send to africa. (no really, they're THAT UGLY. it's sad.) they snag some of the donations for their quilts, and sell the rest at reasonable prices. it's pretty darn awesome, except for the fact that they're only open 10 hours a week total!

so those are my felicities. i have others, like finding an awesome melmac tea set on thursday and madonna tapes at the thrift store today (the farm car only has a tape deck and radio, and i'm tired of country music stations!), but that's good for now. i hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

i'm linking up with Friday Felicities at Felicity Quilts, and i hope Felicity will forgive me for not checking out the others linked up, i need to get a move on and finish my errands in town. i promised my grandma i'd be back this afternoon, which means BEFORE 5pm, when her supper arrives!


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Nice to hear from you xxxx

felicity said...

I'm spectacularly envious of your being in proximity of a fabric thrift shop, but not that you need to go to Manitoba to find it. Thanks for linking up to Friday Felicities and yes of course you're forgiven - let's call it even for my not dressing up for the Halloween VMQG meeting, okay?

Berene said...

Just for the record N's bat block was something we saw on Instagram. I have searched back to find it to give credit but don't know who's it was. If you're out there and it's yours, let me know. Thanks!
BTW Amy, you looked awesome in your outfit. Sorry no one else dressed up. I didn't know that dressing up was par for the course. (Immigrant naivety!) Have fun on your travels.

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