Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wonky Rainbow Stars - WIP

hey, remember last week's WIP Wednesday?

thanks for all your feedback everyone! i decided to go with the layout on the right, though i switched the order of the colours around a bit to provide more contrast.

wonky star rainbow complete3

what i didn't mention last week is that this design is actually for a bee-style quilt, with multiple people making the blocks. since it's not just me, going with the flow, i've spent some time this past week drawing them out and writing up instructions, and then testing them to make sure that my math was correct!

this is an example of one of the blocks -
3 mini stars orange
i've pasted that image into a word document, and then added written instructions below, and hopefully it's understandable...

the background fabric for the blocks is Kona Medium Grey, and i picked up all that Spool of Thread had left last week (they should have more now). it’s a pretty common colour in modern quilting, which is why i've never used it (on a similar note, i still haven't seen the titanic, and i refused to watch friends until years after it ended. i'm perverse, i know.), but the rainbow colours really pop nicely against it.

the blocks will be scrappy, made up of tone-on-tone prints. i hauled all of my tone-on-tones to the VMQG sew-in last weekend, and spent a bunch of time piling up fabric and deciding what colours should go where. it was fun to be surrounded by such cheerful fabrics!

since then, i've stitched up some blocks to test my instructions, and i've gotta say, i'm loving how they're coming together.

orange. since this is the only orange block in the quilt, i could use more shades in the block. for the greens, blues and purples, there can't be as much variety or the blocks won't have enough contrast compared to the other blocks of the same colour. however, my oranges are not really that yellow in real life, i did keep a bit of contrast!

yellow. there are three of these big stars in the quilt, and they're a super quick block to whip together!

turquoise aqua
aqua/turquoise. for this block, i really tried to stay away from the true blues and the light, sky or baby blues that the other two blocks will be, but i also switched the colours around a bit in the quilt itself so that the darker block will seperate the two lighter blocks.

plummy purple. going through my stash, i found two very seperate shades of purple - one with a blue base, like a rich royal purple, and one with a red base, plummy tones like i used in this block.

and pink. since there's only one pink block, like the red, orange and yellow, i was able to use more shades of pink. this block has some of my favourite prints in it, like the pink woodgrain.

don't they look yummy together?
rainbow block samples

i think i'm obsessed with rainbow quilts right now... i keep thinking of more to make!


Poppyprint said...

Um, excuse me, this was supposed to be a group project and you've gone and made the whole thing already!! Slow down there speedy!

Holly said...

This looks great, Amy! It's fun to see the sketch come to life. I loved seeing you surrounded by a rainbow of colourful fabrics at the VMQG sew-in!

Cynthia F said...

Oh wow Amy! This is going to be a knockout! So awesome!

PatchworkPottery said...

It looks great Amy! Are you making 2 quilts?

What Comes Next? said...

these are fabulous - I can't wait to see the whole thing coming together! Anbrd Krista's right - you've darn near finished a quilt yourself!

felicity said...

Ha ha I was totally going to say the same thing as Krista! They're looking fab, Amy!

AlwaysInspired said...

I love this! The colors pop so nice! More rainbow quilts!!!!

karen said...

looks great!! - I want to make a whole quilt too!

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