Sunday, July 31, 2011

omg, people rock.

i don't, i kind of suck because i meant to post this a week ago, but i have to tell you, THE PEOPLE IN MY QUILT GUILD FUCKING ROCK. seriously.

remember last year when i finally got the nerve up to submit some pieces to the Queer Arts Festival? two of my pieces were accepted, the Beth Ditto porn diptych, and the mixed media embroidery piece, Queer Health. (the Beth Ditto porn diptych is TOTALLY NSFW, but that's kinda obvious given the name, and the Queer Health piece is SFW, unless your work has an issues with speculums)

this year the show was curated, so instead of submitting pieces, i was ASKED to do a piece, which was so hella exciting! except for the fact that since i didn't have to submit by a deadline, i didn't have to get it done by an earlier deadline either. and despite my promise last year that i'd learned my lesson about procrastinating, i totally hadn't.

i had a pretty good start on this year's piece, but then i went on a roadtrip, and because my family is completely absurb, managed to get exactly nothing done while i was out there. (unless you count thrifting. i did lots and LOTS of thrifting. but that didn't help me get my piece done)

i had it all planned out, i was going to come home, have plenty of time to work on it, etc. but that totally didn't happen. by the time i got home, days later than planned, it was 3 days before the piece had to be done. and then i had a bunch of personal drama stuff that came up and totally interfered with my plans to get things accomplished as well.

i basically got home wednesday night, slept, and then got up thursday morning and started sewing. by thursday night, i had the main portion pieced, and i took it to our July VMQG meeting for show and tell. i had originally been kind of nervous about taking it to the guild, because i'm already the freaky one who says innapropriate things all the time, but i was so overtired, i totally forgot to be nervous.

Amy's queer East Van Bingo quilt
(picture credit to the fabulous Holly - i have no idea how she always catches me making the weirdest faces!)

and the guild was awesome. SO MANY people said such amazing things, were so complimentary and positive, it was wonderful.

so then i went back home and kept working, but the aforementioned personal drama came up, and the next thing i knew it was Sunday, the day the piece had to completed and dropped off, and i'd slept in four later than planned. (i have 3 alarm clocks, 2 of which beep for 2 hours before turning off. i slept through ALL of them!)

we had a sew-in scheduled, so my plan had been to take the piece with me right when the sew-in started at 10, finish it up, and drop it off around 12 or 1. instead, i didn't get to the sew-in until 2, and i had to drop the piece off by 4, so i was scrambling! luckily, MY QUILT GUILD ROCKS, and i had 3 people (Terry, Sue and Paul) helping me, and Louise nagging me to hurry (in a totally loving, understanding way).

i made it to the drop off by 4:10, thank goodness, and after discussing hanging, etc, dropped it off. there is no possible way that i would have made it without the help, and once again, i have to say, MY GUILD ROCKS.


and then i went home and slept.

(i'll post about the piece itself asap, i'm sorry heidi!)


felicity said...

I'm thrilled that you got it done, Amy - I look forward to your blogging the finished product (I won't be at guild in August).

Poppyprint said...

Amy, it's your uber cool quilt that rocks!!! I hope to get to the Roundhouse this week and see it hanging. If I've totally missed the show, I will look forward to checking out the signatures at a guild meeting (I'll miss Aug. too :()

Lysa said...

I'm assuming I can speak for the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt guild here but yes your guild does rock!
We had a fantastic time at the VMQG July meeting. A few of us had to meet up for some planning the other day and your quilt came up. We all agreed it was fantastic!

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