Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally! Fat Quarterly QAL Quilt!

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that if you were only going by what I post here, you’d probably be wondering why the hell I’m so involved with a quilt guild, since I seem to do so little quilting. You’d be totally wrong, but I wouldn’t blame you at all. It’s funny actually, since I’ve been so obsessive about photographing and recording stuff I make for years now, way before blogs took off. The problem is, quilts don’t fit on my dressform!

Living by myself, and not being able to convince my sister to model for me, means that I don’t always get good pictures. My apartment isn’t big enough to have a quilt’s worth of wall space clear, and I don’t have a nice lush yard like some bloggers. I’ve considered taking my quilts to the park across the street, if only the park had a clothesline....

So a few weeks ago, on a rare non-rainy day (we’ve had the wintery-ist spring here, it’s miserable), I got myself organized, took a stack of quilts over to my parent’s house and forced my mom to stand in front of the cherry tree holding them out. Finally, pictures!!

Now I can try to catch up on posting some past projects!
This is probably the oldest project. I posted a few in progress photos, but I realized that I’d never photographed the end result. Remember the Fat Quarterly Quilt-a-long? And my pretty quilt that I was making out of vintage linens?

I finished it, and it’s been hanging out on my couch with me for months now.

sofie hiding under my fat quarterly quilt-a-long quilt

quilt bump2

sofie quilt
Sofie’s decided that it’s hers. I actually had to wash it before I could take pictures, it was so covered in black and white fur.

Here it is entirely.
fat quarterly quilt

fat quarterly quilt detail
I quilted it with wavy horizontal lines. I used a stitch setting on my machine, so it was super easy. The stitch could have actually been wider, but my walking foot needed a larger open area!

fat quarterly quilt detail2
I added some appliquéd hexagons scattered across the quilt. They were sofie’s fault actually – she loves the quilt so much that before it was even done, she kneaded at it and pulled the threads in one of the blocks. I’d already started quilting, so it would have been a huge hassle to replace it, so I covered it up! Besides, as much as I love hexies, I’ll never get around to actually handsewing them all together for anything, appliqué is a much better use!

fat quarterly quilt detail3

fat quarterly quilt back
The back is a full sheet with pink roses, very simple, but you can see the quilting I did.

fat quarterly label
I made a label using a bit of kona cotton and a strip of one of the sheets from the front.


Cynthia F said...

Oooh I love it and love all the vintage linens you used!

colimachia said...

Your quilt is really pretty! I love using vintage sheets, they are so soft! Your cat is cute, too.

AlwaysInspired said...

I love this! I have a very few scraps of vintage sheet I've been hanging on to forever!

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