Friday, July 3, 2009

Fabric Friday - flowers!

i'm feeling awfully crummy, and i'm all doped up on pain meds, so i won't try to babble away.

here's some eye candy in the meantime, and hopefully i'll be able to get caught up soon!

this is super yummy, i found it a few weeks ago. hand silkscreened in hawaii
silkscreened fabric
i'm not fond of the super cheesy hawaiian prints, but this one's a bit more subtle.

and a vintage calico, with a poppy print.
(at least i think they look like poppies!)

pretty much all i've managed to do this week has been some listings in my new vintage etsy shop, so be sure to go check them out!

here's some of the things i've listed, or will be listing soon -
listed or soon to be listed vintage goodies

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