Friday, April 3, 2009

Image Transfer Towels - Finished Items!

one of my favourite things to make for quick birthday or housewarming gifts are these tea towels. they're super easy to make, and you can personalize them for the recipient by choosing photos that are relevant to them, or that match the decor of their kitchen.

i particularly love making towels using vintage erotic images. sometimes they're sexy, and sometimes they're hilarious. i made a set for Destined To Fail a month or two ago from craftster, in exchange for a silkscreened print that they made me, and it got me thinking about the towels again. i've made A LOT of sets over the years, and they're so easy, they're the perfect tutorial for Image April!

i'm going to split the tutorial and the finished products into two posts, because there are A LOT of pictures! today was an atrocious day (really. blegh!), so i'm going to do the second post tomorrow.

WARNING!! some of the towels have images that are NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

this is the set i made for Destined to Fail. aren't the sailor boys hotties?
i edited the images in photoshop to add the blue tone, before i printed them on iron on transfer paper.

i've made the boys before, mostly in sets of 4. i only sent 2 to Destined To Fail because i wasn't sure how they'd feel about nakedness!

this is the set of four that i made for my best friend a few years ago
jaydee's towels 2

jaydee's towels 1

i made these two pin up sets for a swap in the winter of 2005
space girl towels

cowgirl towels

this set was made for the first Fat Girl Swap on, January 2006
fat girl towels
the artwork is by an artist that i LOVE, but right now i'm blanking on his name, which is so frustrating!

this set was made for a day of the dead/lady of guadalupe swap
guadalupe towels
(i made myself a set of these ones, and they've held up EXTREMELY well!)

and this set was made for a friend, using images that she provided to me

old family photos

i also made a whole bunch of towels with tiki and hawaii themes to vend at a tiki event that my friend pam was involved with. i made these along with tiki themed vinyl pouches.












Rachel said...

Those are FANTASTIC!

amy dame said...

thanks rachel! they're fun to make.

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