Wednesday, March 25, 2009

thrifting, pyrex love and chit chat!

i've been neglecting my blog, or at least i feel like i have. i've been thinking of blog posts, but i haven't had the motivation to write them up.

sunday evening i went into the city and had dinner with a friend, which was fabulous, but i've been feeling pretty crummy since then. i've been grouchy, because i HAD been feeling better, and i haven't wanted to talk to anyone, not even bloggers! it's funny how quickly you get used to feeling better and having mobility, and how badly it can affect your mood when you lose it again. however, i have had some GREAT thrifting luck in the past week or so, and that always makes me happy.

yesterday morning my sister called me up and asked me if i wanted a set of 4 pyrex cinderella bowls. um, yes! she was at the thrift store, so she put the set in her basket and carried it around with her until i could get there. my sister's so awesome!

this is the set she found for me - 4 cinderella bowls in the daisy pattern
daisy set

daisy set

daisy set

isn't it great? it's a bit newer than the ones i really love, but the fact that it's the full set, and isn't a super tacky 70s colour makes it okay!

i found a few other goodies, but by the time i got home i was limping really badly, so i slept most of the day instead of crafting or doing anything fun! after i slept though, i was feeling a bit better, so i started taking pictures of the days finds.

i collect lots of different things, but vintage beaded earrings and triple strand necklaces are a long standing collection with me, and they're getting harder and harder to find (or if i do find them, they're really expensive). yesterday i found one of each!

beaded earrings

the necklace has really interestingly shaped beads, they're not the usual round ones.

triple strand necklace

i've also been getting more and more interested in petit point. i've started buying petit point jewelery whenever i find it, though it's unfortunately usually in gold settings! my grandmother gave me all of her petit point and needlepoint supplies while i was in manitoba most recently, and i'm really excited to play with it all! yesterday i found the sweetest little frame with a petit point flower in it.
tiny petit point
i love the little frame it's in too. i do like gold in some cases, i just won't wear it!

i got some other great stuff too, another vintage jewelery box for my bathroom, some black fortrel, some vintage trims, two sets of hankies and a really fabulous vintage tablecloth.

so even though i felt crummy, it was still a good thrifting day.


AlwaysInspired said...

Oh! Your thrifting finds are fantastic! I have a set of those bowls in green and I love them to peices. They were given to me by my grama! I too have a thing for 3 strand vintage necklaces! I have a few that I love to death! And the little flower is wonderful! I wish I could thrift where you are! We don't have thrift stores so I have to wait until yard sale season!

amy dame said...

my grandma has a bowl in the snowflake blue pattern, it's actually what got me started on my pyrex obsession! i haven't convinced her to give it to me yet though...

i can't imagine not having thrift stores! not even church ones or charity ones? i mostly try to avoid the big ones, though a new value village opened JUST down the street from me! i much prefer the hospital auxilary shops and stuff like that.

i used to love going to garage sales with my mom when i was a teenager, but now i haven't been to one in years. they start too early in the morning for me!

Bethany said...

Wow, those cinderella bowls are a fantastic find! Lucky you for having a sister who's willing to do a little hunting for you!

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