Tuesday, March 24, 2009


sunday was a very sad day in our house, as our cat louie had to go to a new home. we're very much pets for life in our house, our cats are a big part of our family, so it was really hard. my dad rescued louie when he was a kitten, and he went to live with my sister. she wasn't home nearly enough, so he was really lonely, and last july i brought him here to live with us. he's an inside cat, so he spent his days in my part of the house with me and sofie, and was let into the rest of the house at night once the cat door was shut. unfortunately he DID NOT get along with the other cats! he and sofie battled it out daily, she at least stood up to him, but the other 3 cats were terrified of him. he weighs about 21 lbs, compared to their 12 or 13 lbs, and he bullied them. we decided that it really wasn't fair to the older cats, so he had to go to a new home. his new mom is very excited to have him, and i think she'll love him to pieces and give him a good home, but i'm going to miss my big lug.
lou dec 08b

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