Friday, December 26, 2008

ooh, i forgot!

i wanted to show these off!

my younger brother's (i have to stop calling him my "little brother", since he's taller than me!) girlfriend brought us these for christmas. we're all so impressed!

jay chocolates

the ones with pink icing and shavings are maraschino cherries, the ones with green icing or powder are green tea, the ones with white icing are macadamia nuts, and the grey looking balls are oreo!

she drew little cats on some of them because we love our cats so much. ;)

apparently making chocolates for the holidays is really common in korea (where jay's from), and the boxes like these are commonly available there, so she stocks up every time she goes back to visit.

they look so awesome that we're all scared to be the first one to eat them!

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